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Amsterdam International Company is a professional medical corporation which is specialized in the field of Medical, Health and Pharmaceutical.

I would like to recognize a few constituents.  First, to our customers, we greatly appreciate the opportunity that we have everyday to meet and exceed your expectations.  Second, we thank all of the local, regional, and international Amsterdam International Company subsidiaries and associates that deliver our products and services everyday.  Moreover, I want to personally thank you for your interest in Amsterdam International Co. and I extend my personal pledge that we are committed to promoting and maintaining the highest level of services & Quality in all our activities, and are most grateful to serve you.

Amsterdam International Company is committed to provide quality service and excellence throughout the community. We are dedicated to our customers and make customer support a priority.

I strongly believe in international quality standards and inside our production facility, we religiously follow international standards that we have acquired so far. The list of international quality standards that we have acquired so far can be found above. I found that clients’ input is very much important in upgrading and we welcome any suggestion or feedback that comes from our clients.


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Adnan M. Ghuloum