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Beurer – Specialist for health & well-being

Beurer GmbH has stood for innovative products in the health and well-being sectors for over 96 years. Starting in 1919, Beurer’s focus lay on products providing cosy warmth. Over the years, Beurer has continually expanded its range and, in doing so, has always set great store by innovation and reliable quality. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, Beurer creates product solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of the customers and that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

This has resulted in the Beurer group becoming the market leader in the sectors of blood pressure monitors, Shiatsu massage seat covers, personal scales and flexible heating products.  Numerous awards have crowned this success – German engineering at its best!Today, the extensive Beurer range comprises a multitude of products, including blood sugar measuring units, blood pressure instruments, fever thermometers, electric blankets, bathroom and kitchen scales, footbaths and nebulizers, as well as pulse watches.

Flexible Heating

You are always on the safe side with a Beurer heating product. Our products are fitted with the Beurer safety system (BSS) and some also feature electronic temperature regulation. Additional benefit: Almost all Beurer heating products are machine-washable thanks to the removable switches!


Weight is an issue of health.  We offer a wide range of products, from fully equipped diagnostic scales and simple glass scales to decorative design scales. Our range of Connect scales, such as the BodyShape series, features innovative networking functions.


Most of us spend up to 90% of our lives indoors. Healthy, humidified air makes breathing easier, reduces the concentration of dust, improves our ability to concentrate and protects our eyes and skin from drying out. Thanks to our specially developed aroma oils, the Beurer aroma diffusers provide a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Blood Pressure

You can rely on our experts. The medical range has been devised, developed and constructed to the last detail in-house. Long-term tests, product studies, research and professional collaboration with recognised specialist institutes constitute a mere fraction of the extensive development and manufacturing processes. The result: German engineering at its best!


Nebulizer ➚ Compressed-air technology ➚ For treating the upper and lower airways, colds, asthma and respiratory diseases

Blood Glucose

The blood glucose monitor doesn’t just come in three appealing colours – the integrated backlighting provides a further attractive feature and means that the easyto-use device is even clearer and more convenient to operate.


The Beurer babycare collection consists of a carefully tailored range of products that meets all your baby’s needs and offers new parents practical support during the exciting and enthralling time with their new arrival. The range covers all the relevant areas: from feeding and health to care and safety.


Massage is good for you! It can be as simple as that – but many people are still unaware of the benefit of a massage at home. You can simply relax or rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking to bring your tired legs back to life with a Shiatsu foot massage after a long day or relax on one of the Beurer seat covers, we have the right product for every desire.


Feeling good means feeling beautiful. The Beurer beauty range meets all your personal grooming and well-being requirements. Beauty from head to toe with a facial treatment, cellulite massage or IPL long-lasting hair removal – professional quality at home.

Gentle Therapy

Relax any time, anywhere! This is now possible with the new To Go massagers from Beurer. These products are equipped with a high-performance battery. During your lunch break or straight after exercise – decide spontaneously when some relaxation would do you good.


Get moving to get healthy! Whether jogging, walking, cycling or swimming – exercise does your body good. From beginners and sports enthusiasts to professionals – we have a range of products to support you! Trendy activity sensors give an extra motivational boost for an active lifestyle.

Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter ➚ Measurement of arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate (pulse) and pulse modulation index (PMI) ➚ Symbol display for inaccurate measurement